About Us


It all started when…

I began intentionally researching black and brown authors and stories for more inspiration. It was then that I was reminded that the market for children's books, despite increases in black and brown representation in both writers and characters, still lacks adequate representation of the black and brown experience or writers. For example, of the stories about African Americans in 2016, only 71 of the 278 were written by African Americans. So, even though diverse stories have increased, the majority of the books are written by white authors. 

With that, my team and I decided to embark on the journey of developing a platform to tell stories that reflect our community and experiences and support others that are interested in doing the same. We desire to create opportunities to share more inclusive experiences and develop platforms for the underrepresented. Magnolia Salone Publishing Group is an opportunity to curate and broaden the depiction and portrayal of black and brown experiences reflected in children's literature and increase the representation of black and brown voices. 

We are excited to share this journey with you!