Aryele Maye is an entertainment attorney, founder of Magnolia Salone Publishing, and author of Unapologetically Cecilia.  Aryele founded Magnolia Salone Publishing to develop a platform to tell stories that reflect black and brown communities and experiences and support others that are interested in doing the same. Magnolia Salone Publishing Group is an opportunity to curate and broaden the depiction and portrayal of black and brown experiences reflected in children's literature and increase the representation of black and brown voices. 

Her debut book Unapologetically Cecilia is the first of a series of books that allows readers to follow Cecilia’s adventures and ever-changing interests. In addition to the Unapologetically Cecilia series,  Aryele has several projects expected to release this year including, Mel and the Missing Drumsticks and an animated short adapting Unapologetically Cecilia to film.

Aryele graduated from Spelman College with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, SMU Dedman School of Law with a Juris Doctorate, and Fordham University with a Master of Laws in Fashion Law. Prior to her career as an attorney, she worked as an educator for over three years teaching creative writing, language arts, math, yearbook, and special education courses. Aryele utilizes her love for writing to invite conversation, alter narratives, and inspire others to dream and search for their purpose, and she looks forward to the journey ahead. 

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Elyse is a digital artist from the great state of Texas. She understands her artwork to be a digital manifestation of decoupage. She takes pre-existing items and motifs and blends them together into something new. She is very interested in the juxtaposition of artistic ideas and often seeks to bring conflicting things into harmony. Outside of art, Elyse is a college student and is interested in going to graduate school for religious studies.